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Grading System

Parents and Guardians can monitor your child's academic progress using our online grading system.  You will be given a user name and password that is needed to log in. Click below to enter the grading system

Blount County Schools Grading Policy:

K-3rd grades must have a 70 in Language Arts and Math for promotion to the next grade.

Language Arts is made up from:   (Reading:  70%, Grammar and Spelling 30%)

4th - 6th grades:

 A+ 96.50- 100                     C+ 76.50- 79.49

A  93.50- 96.49                     C 73.50- 76.49

A- 89.50- 93.49                     C- 69.50 - 73.49

B+ 86.50- 89.49                    D+ 66.50-69.49

B 83.50- 86.49                      D 63.50 - 66.49

B- 79.50 - 83.49                    D- 59.50- 63.49

Below 59.50 is not a passing grade

Parents are asked to require their children to complete classwork and homework and require your children to follow school and classroom rules.  Parent conferences can be scheduled with your child's teacher by calling the school 205-466-5844.

You may contact your child's teacher by email by clicking on the teacher page and clicking email.  The link is below:'Teachers

 Teachers will communicate with parents by sending weekly folders with work samples and newletters. 

Conduct grades are given in Kindergarten through sixth grade.  Conduct grades do count towards A and AB Honor Roll. 

Report cards will be issued every nine weeks.