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Kindergarten Registration Information

April is Kindergarten Registration at Susan Moore Elementary. 

Please bring the following materials with you to register: 


  • 1. Birth Certificate,
  • 2. Social Security Card,
  • 3. Alabama Certificate of Immunization (Blue Slip),
  • 4. proof of residency, example: (land line phone bill, power bill or lease /purchase agreement).

 You may contact our school office  (205-466-5844) if you have any additional questions.  Our office is open 7:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. 

We like to see all kindergarten students begin the school year knowing how to independently take care of personal needs such as using the restroom, washing hands, and fasten and zip pants.  It is also very helpful if they know their real name (first and last), how to hold a pencil and crayon, the difference in letters and numbers, how to count, and basic colors.

It's a huge bonus for children if they understand waiting their turn, how to open drinks and snacks, identify letters and numbers to 10, and keeping their hands to themselves. 

Thinking about these things and preparing your children over the summer will help them have a much more enjoyable school experience. 

Thank you so much.  We are excited to meet our new students.