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  Mission Statement  

     Our vision is to be a school that emphasizes academic excellence for all students and is recognized as a model for quality education.

At Susan Moore Elementary we pledge to show PRIDE.

P- Positive Attitude

R- Respect for self and others

I- Integrity

D- Dedication to excellence

E- Excitement for Learning

We are also working to assist students in developing goal setting and time & emotion management skills.


   We believe that students should be provided a variety of instructional approaches, which accommodate individual differences, promote mastery of essential skills, and prepare children for the next level.  also, students will receive character education instruction, including topics such as respect, honesty, responsibility, and work ethics.  Students will be provided opportunities to develop independent thinking, decision-making, and good citizenship expertise.  We also conclude that all students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process in a safe and secure environment.  Furthermore, we believe that reading is the basis for student achievement and performance across all areas of the curriculum.  We conclude that various learning styles of children should be accommodated in order to maximize opportunities for success.  The school also believes in providing opportunities for parents to be involved and participate in the education of their children.  Finally, students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community believe in sharing the responsibility for supporting the school's mission.

  About The School  

Susan Moore Elementary School Continuous Improvement Plan

Image for Susan Moore Elementary School Continuous Improvement Plan

Click here to view Susan Moore Elementary's 2016-2017 Continuous Improvement Plan